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The Living Legend Racing Partnership has had a considerable amount of success since we started in 2002, with 14 individual winners of 22 races.  In chronological order those winners are Amber Legend, Virginia Rose, Morinqua, La Chicaluna, Murura, Adlington, Gritstone, Waseem Faris, Reflected Love, Kickboxer, Chilworth Bells , Chilworth Icon, Breslin and Magnus.  Around 50% winners to runners!

The Partnership offers real involvement for the enthusiast. Partners are regularly informed of their horse’s progress, they have an equal share of prize money, enjoy stable visits, go racing as owners and also get the chance to name their horse.

The thrill of seeing your horse winning is unlike anything else you’re likely to experience.  You’ll be involved right from the start, from seeing your horse enter training, choosing a name and eagerly eyeing each race entry until the great day itself – when your horse sees the racecourse for the first time.

As with any such venture there is a risk involved and partners invest to get the most out of being involved in horse racing.  Any profit should be seen as a bonus rather than an expectation.  Owning a racehorse used to be the privilege of the wealthy but these days syndicates and partnerships mean that the excitement of the horse racing world is much more affordable to everyone.  So it doesn’t have to cost the earth to get the most out of this great sport.